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Excilor antifúngica prego vara 4 ml

Excilor caneta aplicadora micose - (caneta aplicadora)

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Excilor Antifungal Nail Stick 4 Ml. Fungi Health P

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Excilor Applicator For Fungal nail. ACTION AND DESCRIPTION Penetrates through the nail and quickly causes the lowering of the pH of this. Amendment to the microenvironment of the nail, which becomes less conducive to fungal growth. COMPOSITION Acetic acid, ethyl acetate, water, preservatives (parabens not). DIRECTIONS Application in just seconds. Fast drying (1-2 minutes). Apply the product 2 times a day (morning and evening). For good results, the treatment should be applied for at least 3 months. We suggest combined treatment until the complete restoration of the nail (until the damaged nail plate is disappeared). Cut nails short, with the help of a short-nails. First remove your nail polish. You can reapply once the nail is dry.
Galenic FormStick
Therapeutic AreaNails
FamilyDermatological Cosmetics


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