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Glass bottle Fc Nuk Latex + 1M 120cc

Glass Baby Bottle Latex - Nuk First Choice (1M 120 Cc)

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Latex Nuk Glass bottle Fc + 1M 120cc Bottle

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Glass bottle Latex Nuk First Choice Bottle 1M 120 Cc. ACTION AND DESCRIPCIÓN You must select a bottle with a nipple suitable to the age, size, physiological characteristics and preferences of the baby because it depend on the degree of acceptance of biberóné, quality suction and proper jaw development and paladar. - We must ensure that the flow of water, milk or food is adequate. In any case it is advisable to increase the size of hole as this, feeling tired (required for infant satiety) is deleted and development is favored indigestion, vomiting and pain abdominales. - Be especially careful with the condition and hygiene, sterilizing them and renewing them periodically when necesario. - The bottle should be prepared by adjusting the proportions of milk and water to the dose prescribed by the doctor or as specified manufacturer. The bottles too concentrated can cause symptoms of dehydration and digestion problems, while not excessively dilute feed adecuadamente. - When the child does not fully exhaust the contents of the bottle, the excess should be discarded. Nor should it overheat the milk or leave at room temperature for more than a minutos. - After each feeding, wash the bottle immediately because milk is an excellent culture medium for bacterias. PRECAUTIONS AND ADVERTENCIAS Bottles shall be provided with a scale of volume in milliliters. The accuracy of the above measures in a bottle is important: because if the proportion of water and milk powder is not maintained can cause excessive costs on infant kidney, or you may be giving too much water compared to milk which actually contains a biberón. This is because the bottle does not have the scale or well marked wrong because dust is added flush. REMEMBER "Use as is included in the package or can of powder or not flush and fill it". Risks of bottle-feeding: 1. Aerophagy: During shooting, the bottle should be kept well tilted to prevent the baby swallow excess air could cause severe pain cólicos. Two. Burns: Sometimes, especially if the microwave is used, the body of the bottle is not heated, but the content may be close to the boiling. You should check the temperature of the milk or porridge before administering it to the infant to avoid cause quemaduras. Three. Emotional problems: Never deprive the baby of positive affective issues having breastfeeding. Therefore, it is important that while bottle feeding, is enhanced with words, kissing or touching the emotional relationship of parents with newborn nacido. April. Detachment of materials: Given the high temperatures to which is subjected the bottle, the release of materials that could clog may occur airway or migration of toxic products. The choice of quality products, guaranteed security in this sentido. May. Drowning by excessive flow alimento.Always use this product under the supervision of a adulto. Continuous and prolonged sucking of fluids can cause caries. Inspect the nipple carefully before each use and pull it in all directions. Discarded at the first sign of deterioration or fragilidad. Keep out of reach of children all components not in uso. Do not leave the teat in direct contact with sunlight or other heat sources nor leave longer than recommended immersed in sterilizing solution. This can damage the tetina. Never use the nipples as chupete. Always check food temperature before toma. CONSERVACIÓN The term "cleansing" of childhood dishes not imply the same meaning for all people, it is therefore desirable to have a number of recommendations in order to achieve the same fam
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