Standard Shipping, Urgent Certificate

Urgent Certificate

International Package

Delivery Time: Europe: 8 to 10 business days (average time indication by origin / destination) Other destinations: by country

International Package

International shipping costs include transportation, insurance and the home office of Duane. For deliveries to countries outside the European Union, does not include customs charges on arrival and other taxes (tariffs) will be the recipient who will have to pay cash to receive the goods.

The recipient is responsible for all import fees and taxes generated in the office of destination, whether it delivers the goods as if she takes over. We will try to send the request is made in the shortest time possible, but the recipient must take into account the provisions of the country of destination for imports of goods ordered, as Generalfarmacia no responsibility for them. They will not be attributable to the effects Generalfarmacia strikes, war or other circumstances beyond their control. Generalfarmacia not be liable for delays in customs clearance or if local authorities decide to confiscate any item contained in a shipment.

Shipping for all products exported are based on calculated volumetric weight and delivery destination. The weight of the product is estimated to have a minimum weight of 50 g. Orders of more than 5 kg and large or bulky items are subject to additional freight charges and delivery time may vary.


Certified Mail

Certified Mail

Urgent Messaging

Delivery Time: Delivery is made within 24 hours from issuance. The price depends on weight messaging packages that make up the order.


You can receive your order in the direction you choose (home, work, etc..) But never in PO. Delivery times depend on the type of shipping selected. For standard shipping by mail between 2 and 4 days (for Ceuta and Melilla traffic will be from 3-5 days) and courier shipments are between 1 and 2 days.

Packages generally ship within 2 days after receipt of payment by the shipping method selected, with shipping and delivery tracking unidentified receptor. Shipping costs include handling and packaging costs as well as transport. Handling fees are fixed, while the transport vary depending on weight of shipment. We recommend that groups all items purchased in one order, since we can not group two received different orders separately, and shipping charges apply to each of them. Your order will be shipped without insurance, although we have special care to protect fragile objects. The boxes are large enough and your items are adequately protected.