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By Tina M. (Stockport, United Kingdom) on 21 June 2016 :
Product rated : After Ladival Sun Sensitive Skin Or Allergic - (200 Ml)

Best after sun ever!!!

My daughter and nephew had got quite bad sun burn. We went to the local chemist, and this is what was suggested. As they hadn't got any broken or blistered skin.
Within 2 days their angry red sun burn had calmed down. As well as doing a great job of easing the pain.
I will be taking it on all future holidays!!

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By Константин Е. (Санкт-Петербург, Russian Federation) on 17 Apr. 2016 :
Product rated : Otostick Corrector Bebe Estetico Ear - (Normal 8 U)

which is better?

there are proofreaders manufacturer ARILIS which are analogous to the otostick. ARILIS exceeds the quality otostick because it uses a higher quality glue.

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