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Lubricant Eye Drops 10 ml Optiben

Optiben Dry Eye Drops - Dry Eyes (10 Ml)

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Lubricant Eye Drops 10 Ml Optiben Moisturizers Eye Solutions

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Optiben Drops 10 Ml Dry Eye Contact Lenses Rigid. ACTION AND DESCRIPTION Dry eye and other minor discomfort, no pathological significance, as well as burning and ocular fatigue induced by example, dust, smoke, dry heat, air conditioning, prolonged work at the computer or use of contact lenses (also Can be used while contact lenses are carried).Per 100 ml of solution: Sodium hyaluronate (0.20 g), sodium chloride, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate, disodium phosphate and water to injections. When instilled, relieves sore as a result of irritation, fatigue and dry eyes causing eye pollution, smoky environments or air conditioning or working at the computer screen. It is especially recommended for users of all types of contact lenses (hard or soft) solution as a lubricant before during lens wear. DIRECTIONS Place 1 or 2 drops into the lower eyelid and blink several times to the entire eye is covered by the liquid. - For contact lens wearers: Recommended to use before inserting contact lenses. You can also apply 2 drops on each lens before loading, to improve comfort. To lubricate the lens during use, deposit 1 or 2 drops in each eye as needed or as prescribed by your doctor. Contraindications Hypersensitivity to any component of the product. When used as recommended, no adverse effects or known contraindications. WARNINGS Do not use if the bottle is damaged. Do not use if you are sensitive to any of the components. Do not touch the eyelid and eye surface with the tip of the bottle. Discard any unused solution immediately after opening the package. Do not reuse a container of a single open use. After administration, in rare cases, slight transient blurring may occur due to the viscosity of the solution. Expect to wait a few seconds before performing any activity that requires clear vision. Allowing a period of time of at least 10 to 15 minutes before the administration of other ophthalmic field. After opening the bottle I throw all the solution has not been used after 30 days. Keep out of reach and sight of children. Do not swallow. Do not use eye drops after the expiry date shown on the box. Store at room temperature below 25 º C. After opening the envelope, keep the unit dose from light. Do not administer while other drops. If symptoms persist during the use or recur when treatment is stopped, remove contact lenses and consult ophthalmologist. LATEX ALLERGY There is no information on the content of latex.
Galenic FormEye drops
Therapeutic AreaEyes
SubfamilyEye Care


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