3M Nexcare Instant - Instant Cold Application Coldhot (2 Bags 15 X 18 Cm)

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Nexcare Cold Bag Coldhot Cryotherapy Inst. Bolsa To Ice ....

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Nexcare Instant Hot Instant Coldhot Application Of 2 Bags 15 X 18 Cm Cryotherapy: Ice Bag For. ACTION AND DESCRIPTION It is a bag of instant cold auto-activatable single-use provides rapid relief of symptoms caused by small bumps and sprains. Provides instant cold relieves pain immediately. A quick application of cold to the affected area helps reduce swelling. It is easy and convenient to use. Ideal when a sports or traveling. Cooling equipment required for activation. The product is a safe, natural way to relieve pain, at home or during leisure time, by applying cold. DIRECTIONS The product consists of two components contained in a single package which remain separated until their use. The mixture of the two components, by breaking the container containing water, an endothermic reaction occurs which makes the device to cool quickly. To activate the package, press firmly with your thumb in the central area (indicated by a dot) and knead the product and distribute the liquid evenly cooled. Remove the bag from the affected area if you experience discomfort. This is a product of a single use. WARNINGS Do not freeze or cool the product before use. Do not reuse. This product has been designed for use at room temperature. People with impaired sensitivity to cold should use extreme caution: - To prevent damage from excessive cold, therapy should not exceed 20 minutes. - Check for leaks before using the product. Discard if anything. - Adult supervision is recommended if you intend to use with children under 3 years. - Consult your doctor if you have any questions about the injury or if pain or swelling persists. - Do not use to heat therapy. - Keep out of reach of children. Recommended First Aid: If the content comes into contact with skin or eyes, remove the product immediately and wash area with water. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call your doctor immediately. Disposal: Dispose of this product with your normal household waste. LATEX ALLERGY Does not contain latex.
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